Brr it's cold out there...

Left: Mary and Katharine Davenport on High St
Right: Reed Krakoff AW 2011
With the temperature dropping what feels like 5 degrees each day and Fresher's Flu making us feel like the living dead, what, I ask can keep me alive between my room and the engineering department? The answer, my glorious snug shearling coat. And, as it turns out i'm not the only one who thinks that... With designers from Burberry to Reed Krakoff sending beautiful soft sheepskin jackets and coats down the runway it's no wonder every shop on the high street is doing their own version and that we are all wearing them. Some advice though, unless you want to spend your student loan buying one go fake or second hand, with many prices exceeding the triple zero mark you don't want to be living off Tesco's basics instant noodles just because you HAD to have THAT coat... STAY WARM 

C xxx 

p.s. Mary got hers from The Ballroom on the Magdalen Bridge Roundabout. GO CHECK IT OUT. 

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