Street Style Take 1

Christmas Coat- enough said, Tourist from London
Amazing hats, bags and an outfit that matches your bike... From top left: Tourists from Japan,  Josephine Mitchell - Brasenose, Sinnead Tulley- Somerville,  Jess and Max - Oxford and Oxford Brookes
Boys in Brights: Edmund King - Wadham, Clancy Reid - Wadham,  Stan - Teddy Hall
I think the pictures say enough: Victoria Randall - Harris Manchester and the girl who was lost

Today Jess, Laura and I spent an hour scrutinising (and being hugely judgemental of) the clothes being worn by people walking around Turl Street and Radcliffe Square so that we could bring you the blog's first edition of Street Style. Turns out Oxford isn't as unfashionable as we thought. Enjoy!

C xx

Photographs: Caroline Ames
Style Spotters: Caroline Ames, Jess Palay and Laura O'Brien

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