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Galaxy Prints

by Helen Walker

After falling in love with BlackMilk clothing’s galaxy print leggings ( and then subsequently having my heart broken by the price, I decided to get creative and make my own- why should a student budget mean that I can’t add interest and style to my wardrobe?
Below is a step by step guide to creating your own one-of- a-kind galaxy print.
What you need:
Black t-shirt / leggings / whatever you fancy in galaxy print (leggings especially have to be quite thick material so that bleaching them doesn’t cause them to become see-through)
Cheap thin bleach and a spray bottle
Sponges and a toothbrush
Fabric paints in white  and pinks / greens / blues / purples

1.To create the effect of galaxies, you must first bleach your t-shirt. Fill the spray bottle with bleach and spray it onto your material to create the mottled effect. Leave the bleach to develop into this rusty colour for a half an hour before soaking it in cold water. Then leave to dry. It should look like this: 

2.Once dry, the next stage is painting your t-shirt. Starting with white, use a sponge to dab on paint sparingly in the pattern you desire. 

3.Once this has dried, add colour to the nebulas, I have chosen  turquoise, purple and lilac, but reds, greens and yellows also create a pleasing effect.

4.When you are satisfied with the nebula effect, move on to the messiest stage in the process (I would highly recommend laying down newspaper in a 2 metre radius to where you are working). To create constellations of stars, dip an old tooth brush in the white fabric paint and flick the bristles to create a spray of stars on the t-shirt.

5.Finally, using the end of a paint brush or pencil dot the white paint on the pattern to create clusters of larger stars. Shooting stars and northern stars (like the one seen left) enhance the galaxy effect.

Styling galaxy leggings

I love wearing mine with denim and over sized knitwear.

Until next time...

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