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‘Industry’ is a magazine established by students interested in fashion as an aesthetic and also fashion as a business. 

As well as presenting readers with some of the best of Oxford fashion, ‘Industry’ will contain articles tailored to student life and showcase the numerous career opportunities that this vibrant industry has to offer. 

More penetrating than the customary glossy, ‘Industry’ aims to give advice and pointers to students wishing to work for the fashion industry. As well as covering the more technical side of business structuring and giving an insight into what positions potential fashion enthusiasts can hope to obtain, ‘Industry’ gathers together interviews from people working within the industry in order to present inside perspectives from fashion’s creative forces.

The editorial team behind ‘Industry’ is looking to recruit writers that can offer strong pieces that fulfill our vision for this magazine. Our application deadline for writers is Thursday 18th October (2nd week). The deadline for articles will be Saturday 27th Oct (3rd week).

Whether you can offer your personal view of fashion, analysis or commentary into the industry or even fashion or beauty tips, we would be very happy to hear from you.

To apply please email editor.oxfordfashionsociety@gmail.com in the format outlined below.

                                         Industry Magazine Application Form

Industry is the Oxford Fashion Society’s new magazine, and our main aim is to provide a resource for students interested in a career in fashion. Alongside features on careers and business, we also want to remind our readers why they’re interested in the industry in the first place by producing ambitious and creative fashion content.

A Few Pointers

·         We’re looking for writers to cover our menswear, budgeting and fashion, trends and comment sections. You can write for more than one section, but bear these in mind when you write your sample pieces and article pitches.

·         When it comes to writing your sample pieces, remember they’re not essays. We’re looking for articulate, well-informed writers with great ideas. Enthusiasm is the key!

·         If you’re interested in becoming involved with the magazine but don’t fancy writing then we’d still love to hear from you. Just drop us an e-mail with your proposed ideas and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Your Details


The Application

Please attach two examples of your writing. They should be no longer than 500 words each, and one must take the word ‘industry’ as its starting point.
Please write up two brief outlines for features or article ideas. One should be relevant to one of the categories mentioned in the ‘A Few Pointers’ section. 

Applications are due in by 5pm, Saturday 13th October. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at editor.oxfordfashionsociety@gmail.com. 

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