Cocoon Coat...

Shape Shifters

by Sarah Billingsley

Trends ebb and flow with the tide. Fashion’s changeability is all part of the fun, allowing you to pick and choose which looks you like; you can be a Gothic queen with a kick-ass attitude in winter, a bohemian beauty in summer, and many other characters in-between. The fast fashion current and the ability to try on and take off different versions of ourselves adds a little excitement to our lives. 

Yet every now and again, a trend comes along that we don’t know how to approach. One such style appeared on the A/W12 runways.  Some of us embrace it, others might be a little intimidated, a little scared even. “What is it?” I hear you cry. Well, I’ll tell you: it’s the cocoon shape. This silhouette dominated the catwalks at Calvin Klein and Elie Saab and is now firmly ingrained in our high street, Topshop, Marks & Spencer, Jaeger and MaxMara being just a handful of examples of where you can get your hands on a cocoon coat, one of the best pieces to showcase this trend. Rounded shoulders, funnel necklines and slightly over-sized just-below-the-knee lengths in light or neutral shades are the key features of the cocoon trend. If you prefer a minimal look, then this is the style for you this season.    

The cocoon shape is a unique and powerful one.  A streamlined silhouette must be kept underneath to maintain the cocoon shape and avoid any bulges or drastic accessories. The shape alone will attract, and maintain, attention. Since this look is very minimalistic, accessories aren’t too important; a pair of pearl earrings and neutral courts are all that’s needed to complete the clean look. The same applies for hair; a sleek up-do will do just the trick, as will straight hair left down or tied back from the face. Make-up should only enhance your natural features with this trend, and should not be a distraction: a slick of eyeliner, lashings of mascara, a hint of blusher on the apple of the cheeks and lip colour of your choice is all you need. With a trend like this, preparation isn’t key, the piece is. 

For some, the cocoon shape is a little out of their comfort zone. That’s fine. There are plenty of other trends to choose from. But for those who are a little more adventurous, embrace the cocoon. Go and rock it.       

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