An interview with Oxford Vintage

An interview with Anya Rice, creator of Oxford Vintage and freelance photographer based in Oxford

By Helen Walker

How long have you lived in Oxford?
I've lived in Oxford for a year and a half this February. 

How did you get into fashion blogging? 
I found it was a way to pursue my interest in fashion on a more personal level, outside of my freelance work.  

What is it that draws you to the people you photograph? 
I think initially it's more about their vibe than what they are wearing. I love to photograph people that have many layers of interest, i.e lots of bracelets, necklaces, layers of clothing. 

Any tips for aspiring photographers? 
Shoot, shoot, shoot. The best way to develop a style in photography is to photograph what you like and do it daily. 

What it is it that you like about Oxford style?
I really like the surprise factor. I never know what anyone is going to be wearing at any particular time I go out to shoot - there are so many different people from all over the world studying and living here, you get such a nice melting pot of style.

If you had to describe Oxford style in 3 words what would they be? 
Classic, eclectic, and fresh.

What was it that made you concentrate on vintage? 
I admire the creativity and confidence that it takes to pull together a vintage look, and really make it work.  

Where do you go to buy vintage? 
I buy a lot of stuff on Ebay, but I really love to go to charity shops, car boot sales, and 'odds and ends' shops in the countryside. 

Where is your favourite place to relax and hang out with friends in Oxford? 
I really like Oxfork, it has a nice vibe and the food is great for me because I'm vegetarian. I'm also a big fan of Formosan, they have yummy tea and the Japanese-style seating is a novelty!

As someone that sees a lot of street-style, what is your street-style pet hate?
It bothers me when people wear something that is trendy for trendy's sake. People should wear what they like and what makes them look their best, not whatever the high street is pushing that month. 

Anya’s favourite ‘street style’ photos:

I really admired Alex's combination of bold and neutral colours in this look.

The textures and prints that Eszther was wearing perfectly suited the cold November morning when this picture was made. 

 I was drawn to photographing Katie when I saw the way the tone of her skirt matched the surroundings.

Rachel told me that her Grandmother had given her this scarf, so it was nice to capture an interesting item of clothing that had some personal meaning.

Reuben is an actor, and thought that he brought a sense of drama to the photo, combined with the contrasting light.

Want to see more of Anya’s work? Visit her website:

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