Cos I'm a 90's B*tch

I bloody love the 90s. You could literally chuck on a mismatch of colours and sizes and look fierce as! So we've rummaged through our parents closets and found the best of the past decade. Think goofy Nickelodeon presenters, The Fresh Prince and Saved by the Bell...nostalgia never looked so good!

Denim Shirt: Armani
Dungarees: Vintage, Barcelona
Shorts: Adidas
Vest: Adidas
Shirt: Vintage

Shorts: Levi's 
Jacket: Levi's

Jacket: Vintage
Tshirt: Adidas

Cap: Calvin Klein
Tshirt: Handmade
Shorts: Ralph Lauren

Tshirt: Handmade
Trousers: Vintage, Barcelona,
Shirt, Calvin Klein
Trousers: Ladies' Market, Hong Kong,
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Shirts: St Michael's at M&S

Director and Stylist: Gayathiri Kamalakanthan 
 Photography: Victoria Lampard
Models: Rosa Hurdidge and Luke White 

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