We LOVE Shrimps AW15!
With winter firmly in our midsts, I often find myself drawn to thinking about the array of woolly knits, fur-lined parkas and raggedy mittens nestling at the back of my wardrobe. Quickly stashed away with the first hint of spring, but never forgotten. With the annual drop of Vogue’s September issue suddenly I want to put on an oversized roll neck and rich fur coat. For me autumn and winter is all about coats, and my favourite- the fur coat. Admittedly I have an obsession for the fluffiest coats, the more outrageous the better. And while I fantasise of being able to afford a bright pink and orange fluffy dream from Shrimps, my budget will only extend to vintage and the high street. While I can appreciate the designer real fur coats my heart stays firmly with the faux. For AW15 there was an explosion of fur over the catwalk with Stella McCartney’s fur-free fur and Louis Vuitton’s gorgeous yeti coats. At London fashion week no self respecting fashionista was seen without a faux scarf, coat, or bag paired with patent boots or a tiny satchel bag. No longer are we confined to brown, black and beige, AW15 has opened our eyes to a whole new style of faux fur with everything from neon colours to embellishment. What more could you want?

Cheat your way to vintage chic with this faux mixed scarf, £12 river island. Pink gilet ebay £16, Zara.

Faux leopard print coat, vintage eBay for £12.

Faux brown fur coat, vintage Zara £60. 

With this trend go hard or go home, the sky is the limit. But if the thought of a multi-coloured yeti coat sends you into a state of panic there is always a cute pompom accessory or fur bag that could ease your worries.  

And if you’re ever wondering who the real fur looks better on I would always choose this little guy ...

By Rebecca Cox

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