THERE are two types of people in the (fashion) world. Those who commit to black and those who don't. For those of you who commit to black - you're already in. For those of you who don't - I guarantee you still turn to an LBD when in doubt. And if you don't- you will.

Black lovers are used to hearing things like "why don't you add a pop of colour!" Or "it's a beautiful day outside and you're wearing all black". However, we are now in January. January is cold and pretty daunting. It's our month. Nobody questions our head-to-toe black ensembles at this time. And so, in honour of our loyalty to black and the many times it has proverbially saved our lives, I have put together a 5-dress LBD edit to remind you why we never stray from what we do best, or indeed convince you that this is the way to go.

The dropped waist
A favourite amongst the more 'rectangular' body shapes. The dropped waist is perhaps the most modern cut and is favoured among designers such as Victoria Beckham and Valentino. Add a biker jacket if you feel too pretty.

The hanging-on-to-the-70s-trend
Avoid 'vamping' this style up - save the dark lip and choker for another time. Instead opt for neutral make up, bed-head hair and a tan handbag. Think Chloe rather than Wednesday Addams.

The slip
Spoiler: expect comments from family members such as "where's the rest of it?" Or "isn't that a nightie?"
Spoiler 2.0: bask in these comments. They mean you have chosen a good slip.
Pair with a slouchy off the shoulder cardigan and some delicate jewellery.

The multi-purpose
We love dual-functionality in clothing. And so, I present to you the initially-unassuming sleeveless shift dress.
1. Wear as a pinafore – this could be over a striped tee or collared shirt.
2. Wear as a lingerie framer - because we aren't all ready to wear our Calvins with low-rise denim a la Kendall Jenner. Yet.

The I mean business
The go-to sensible black dress for any office/interview/vaguely "business dress" occasion. The sleeve acts as a safety net but of course we use accessories because to completely abandon creativity would just feel wrong.

By Holly Beddingfield


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