Girls will be Boys and Boys will be Girls

The desire for us females to dress the same as our male counterparts appears to have skyrocketed over recent years. From trends such as geek chic to the feminine tux it was hard not to be drawn to the idea of shooting girls and guys wearing similar styles. Fighting it out in the library we have 3 different trends all focussed around the same idea: ANDROGYNOUS DRESSING.

C xxx

Photographs: Caroline Ames
Styling: Jess Palay and Caroline Ames
Jay Ashtana
Sophie Sayer
Marcello Cattaneo
Sasha Engelmann
Andrea Bellettato
Leonorre Carron Desrosiers

And with innumerable thanks to Lauren Pringle and Maria Rioumine for letting us use the Oxford Union as the location for the shoot. 

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