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Autumn Style 

by Georgina Colquhoun

It’s that time of year again, the time when fresh-faced school leavers- ripe from their exploits in Magaluf, have descended on Oxford. By now your mothers have fretted over cutlery and name tapes (‘my darling is so grown up…’), while their bright young spark worries about their student loan and how to navigate the complexities of being fresher
But fear not, Oxford Fashion Society is here to lighten your load by covering the must-have-items to sail through Oxford in style. Undergrads take note - you wouldn’t want to be outshone by the class of 2015!

The Satchel Bag

Easily the most useful and stylish necessity for your time under the dreaming spires- make sure it's big enough to hold your lab book, but small enough to slot into your bicycle basket. Here are some prime examples:

Cambridge Satchel Company- from £74

Yes, admittedly it may be from the other place, but this beauty will last much longer than your Oxford career, and will make you the envy of the RadCam…

Zara- £39.99

A slightly different take on the trend, its minimalism mirrors classic Calvin Klein.

The Coat

Oxford gets cold. Fact. So what better way to cement your style prowess then to buy an amazing, on trend, coat to warm you up on the way to lectures. This season once again sees fashion giant Burberry dominate the world of outerwear, but if you can’t afford to fork out your hard earned student loan on a designer specimen, then have a look at these:

Zara- £89.99

Parkas are all over Oxford and this one, with its fur lining, will be sure to keep you toasty!

Mango- £99.99

This two-tone military coat nails the manly trend and looks like it walked straight off the McQ catwalk.

The Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot refuses to go out of style, with good reason, as these beauties will take you from the quad to the boathouse with ease come rain, wind or snow. Everyone should have a great pair of boots (this coming from a self-confessed black boot addict) so here is the cream of the crop:

Asos - £40

Beautiful, definitely. Wearable, maybe. Suede by Asos, only for the brave...

Topshop- £85

These leather boots add a bit of height to the classic style.

Urban Outfitters- £65
 A loose interpretation of the Chelsea boot, but a Chelsea boot all the same, with the added bonus that these traverse across to the next ‘must have for Michaelmas’ category…studs. 


This season is all about gothic and studs, you can’t walk into a shop without being in danger of poking your eye out. Health warnings aside, studs are a great way to toughen up any outfit but if you don’t want to spend any more money (stop reading this article) and grab your glue gun.

Asos- originally £145, now reduced to £101.50

These jeans are definitely worth their slightly eye-watering price tag!

PPB at pretaportobello.com - £8.50

If you’re not sure about the trend, this bracelet is a great way to ease you in.

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