Why Studio 54?

An Introduction to the OFS First Anniversary Party...

By Maisah Thompson

Attended by the likes of Diana Ross, Andy Warhol, Rod Stewart, Grace Jones and Michael Jackson, Studio 54 was the chosen habitat of the ‘It-Crowd’ during the late 70s and early 80s. 

The Oxford Fashion Society has decided to pay homage to this period of sophisticated disco and exuberant fashion by hosting its first anniversary birthday bash to the theme of Studio 54. The iconic club represented a movement from the over-sexed Swinging Sixties to a decadent and sensual period that focused on the architectural subtleties of tailored clothing and elegance. After the release of Saturday Night Fever, a cultural frenzy ensued – disco had become glamorous. Being renowned for its culture of champagne-sipping and inhabitants’ wide-eyed nonchalance, Oxford makes the perfect setting of a celebration in the name of excess. 

For those musing on how to dress up for this momentous occasion, look towards the iconic moment Bianca Jagger rode into her Studio 54 birthday party atop a white steed. Jagger’s choice of subtle diamant√© accessories with a flowing Grecian-style dress and bouffant hair made for a true Disco Queen. Those turned off by such extreme decadence may revel in the revival of the female YSL-inspired trouser suit. In addition to the pinched shoulders of the jackets, the introduction of high-waisted trousers encouraged the illusion of legs that went on for days. For the men, it is suggested you stay classic. Rod Stewart made popular a laidback approach to suit attire in decorating his neck with silk scarves and polo necks; Andy Warhol made an impact with the bow-tie. 

In much the same manner Studio 54 collected the most fashionably influential, so too shall The Oxford Fashion Society’s First Birthday Bash gather and celebrate the ‘Toast of Oxford.’

There are only 9 tickets left for the party on Tuesday 23rd October with all VIP and early bird tickets sold out.  To get your hands on one go here immediately:


See you there!

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