The Vintage Collection: Part I

Vintage Winter

By Millie Chapman

Thanks to the surge of patriotism Great Britain experienced last year with the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics, plus the phenomenal success of Downton Abbey, the romantic nostalgia of England’s green and pleasant land has truly been reflected in the autumn/winter 2012-13 shows of the fashion world. From Marc Jacobs building bespoke steam engines to use as the backdrop to his Louis Vuitton show, Burberry’s focus on classic tweed and wool, and the romantic decadence of Alice Temperley’s gowns, the opulence and elegance of the nostalgic British past was reflected in modern fashion. 

Vintage Winter, makes use of luxurious classic British material including tweed, sheepskin and fur, maintaining a understated silhouette showing that staying warm can still be elegant and fashionable


Fur Coat: Vintage from Ballroom, Oxford. 
Dress: Vintage 
Boots: Topshop

Dress: Three Floor
Wool Blazer: Vintage, Pippa’s Grandmothers 
Bag: Vintage Dior
Scarf: Vintage
Fur Collar: Vintage

Gloves: Ralph Lauren
Crocodile Clutch: Vintage
Watch: Cartier
Bracelet: Hannah’s grandmothers 

Leather gloves: Selfridges 
Pin: Pippa’s Grandmothers

Black sheepskin coat: Vintage
Brown sheepskin coat: Vintage
Earmuffs: Ugg
Satchel: Vintage Dooney and Bourke
Scarf: Vintage

Visit  Reign in Cowley for some beautiful leather handbags, and Ballroom on the Cowley roundabout where you can find priceless fur jackets for no price at all; the one used in the shoot is 100% rabbit fur and cost £15. 

Take back your love of the Great (British) Outdoors by going to back to your historic roots and going vintage this winter. 

Models: Pippa Goodfellow & Hannah-Kate Kelly. 
Stylists: Millie Chapman, Helen Walker, and Caroline Ames
Photographer: Caroline Ames

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