A Winter Wedding

By Anastasia Kinsky

YES. Wedding invitation. Time to bring out all those outfits you had planned and bookmarked for the perfect wedding guest. Over the months you have put a lot of thought into this, as there are oh so many rules to follow. But the outfits are perfect – the hats match the shoes, the dresses are the right length…and then you notice the problem. All planning is to be thrown away, as it is of course a winter wedding.


The lack of planning is, however, the only downside. Winter weddings are the most joyful, romantic times. What better time to start a family than when all families are reuniting and eating ridiculous amounts? All decorations will be warm and festive, and, in my mind, for once you are allowed to go all out on the glitter because you know what, it’s Christmas.


The same can be said of the outfit. Short of looking like a bauble, crack out those rhinestones because nothing will look more marvellous in the candlelight. Jewels, everywhere. And, dare I say it, a tiny bit of glitter smeared gracefully on the eyes? As for the colours, where as in a normal wedding you would have been all summery in light shades, now is your chance to stand out in those jewelled colours: emerald green, ruby red, and even sapphire blue will look utterly gorgeous next to the Christmas tree. In fact, as it will be dark by 4pm, the likelihood is you can get away with a gown, and go slightly more evening-y than you might have done in summer.


Furthermore, now is the time to throw out the no-black-to-weddings rule. Being that it will (presumably) be cold, you will of course need a cover up of some sort – perhaps even in fur. So long as this isn’t black as well, or at least you have so nice accessories – some chunky gold for example – to break it up, you will look ever so elegant.


However, my most favourite thing about a winter wedding is, of course, velvet. Ah, velvet my old friend, life doesn’t give me enough chances to wear you. I will forever dream about this Burberry beauty, worn by Delevigne at the Met Ball a few years ago. It is so classically beautiful, the type of dress that simply won’t ever go out of style. It is long enough to be suitable for a ceremony, and although it is stunning, isn’t so striking that it would steal any attention from the bride.

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