Red Alert: Valentino in Shanghai

By Flo Wang


  Valentino’s debut Shanghai collection needs no reviews.

The moment the first model hit the catwalk, there was no doubt as to the theme, if anyone had missed the memo from the decorations.

 Red –a colour deeply adored by China for centuries. Red signified prosperity, happiness, good fortune, wealth, fertility. Marrying China’s love of the hue with their own signature colour, the creative directors of the House of Valentino, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpeolo Piccioli came up with this truly remarkable collection.

A sure traffic stopper - better than a traffic light

 Red is a very bright, vivid and brilliant colour that commands attention (think traffic stop signs, or your tutor’s crosses), making it extremely easy to go overboard the ostentatiousness when attempting a single colour ensemble.

 Valentino skillfully eliminates this problem by achieving a sense of balance in their collection. The vivid crimsons and vermillions are tempered by deeper, more somber hues. The darker shades are in turn livened by the fiery brights that adds a touch of playfulness and passion.

And the result is a collection that is at once grand and luxurious, but modernized to suit the edginess and vibrancy of the new-age woman.

What perfection (and £25,000) looks like

  Valentino’s Shanghai collection is ready-to-wear, and has gone on sale. Prices range from just over £600 to a staggering £25,000.



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