Autumn Choices

By Diana Avadanii
Photographer: Octavian Movilianu

Lots of designers proposed oversized outside coats for wearing. Usually the lines are quite straight and the shapes almost sharp. From fade pink to black large coast are omnipresent on this season’s catwalk. Fortunately we can keep the oversized bags from last seasons. I would never give up on my big black leather bag! Do not be afraid to pick up a big outside coat. My tip is to take care if the shoulders. Have a careful look at the shape of the shoulders and try to find something with rounded shaped shoulders for a feminine look and do not worry of the straight cuts of the rest. My catwalk choice in coats is an  Antonio Berardi sleeveless coat. Yes, it is not super practical, but it is really elegant.  Take that and put a big jumper and jeans under it and wear it day by day, or with skirts and high heels for a special occasion. Also,  it is so Oxford-like in appearance!

I know that shiny does not go for everyone, but it can really mark your strong points. In a Christmas dinner or party do not go for the usually shiny detail. Try a little bit more.
The catwalk choice for this one is a little bit extravagant. I am still thinking on it (if I should totally agree or not) but you should have definitely a look on Dolce&Gabbana autumn collection. It is strongly inspired from byzantine orthodox religious art and it screams opulence and sparkling.  If you are inspired by it and you want to integrate it in your party outfit my advice is to focus only on one piece that best fits you: the skirt, the oversized necklace or the shoes. Please, so not go sparkling all the way up. You are not on catwalk and you are not the disco globe.


The fabric for this autumn is leather. It is more popular than usually. I have to admit, though, that designers and magazines promoted fur a lot. It is indeed a star for this season but is highly controversial and more expensive. I am not expecting to see too much fur coats on high street, especially because it is not that cold, yet.


Sometimes I think that this print is timeless. Classic geometrical prints are really popular this autumn, as they go really well with oversized coats, but the star of the season is tartan print. Of course, it comes in many colour and shape variations. The cat walk pick up is a Celine coat, but the print is also popular for skirts, dresses, scarves and trousers. Over the knee boots seem to be quite popular again, so if you have nice long legs go for it!



The most feminine piece that fashion has returns in our wardrobes. I am overly enthusiast about all the types, shapes and colours of the skirts in this season. One thing in common: under the knee, pencil like shape. Perfect for most of the silhouette  and it makes your legs thinner. My tip: If you want a double effect just wear it with high heels. The choice for this feature is a Christian Dior elegant skirt. See how the high waist marks perfect the silhouette and the large shape of the skirt is just ideal for many, many silhouette. Of course, for a skinny girls a cone shaped works as well. Also, flowers cheer up this season so do not be afraid to wear a little bit of pink and large flower prints!





  1. are large flower prints slimming?

    1. Hi! Honestly it's more about the model and the cut, than the print. For example, a small body fitting dress makes you look bigger that under knee skirt. If you want to wear large flower print wear it where you want to look bigger (skirt or top) with a simple piece where you want to look smaller. It is recommended that the simple piece to be the colour of the background or the flowers. If you want to wear a full outfit with large flower prints I think it's more a matter of shape than print.