Baby, it's cold outside

by Anastasia Kinsky

Perhaps I am just needy, but there is nothing I enjoy more than a good snuggle. I am not talking about my boyfriend, fantastic small spoon though he may be. I am talking the far more passionate love I have for my duvet. The initial feeling of slipping into bed with your toes still chilly, and surrounding yourself in a fantastic large duvet which hugs you and promises to never leave you (to which you make the same promises, repeatedly breaking them everyday when the alarm goes off), with the knowledge that you will soon be the perfect sleeping condition of toasty, is beaten by one other only: the chance to layer up those autumnal jumpers.
Cary Grant in his double breasted coat

This is why the fall/winter months come top trumps every time – because they promise warmth in fashion. Lets be honest girls, and boys even, would Benedict Cumberbatch have stolen our hearts in the same way had it not been for that turned up collar? Cary Grant has never looked more spectacular than in his double breasted wool overcoat and fedora (don’t even get me started on how great hats are).

No matter how you put it, the overcoat is always elegant. Granted, so is a sun dress. But nothing makes you walk like Grace Kelly more than a fur (too controversial? Let’s go camel) than a wasted camel coat. The colours are always flattering too – the dark but soft reds, the browns, greens, and black, always compliment.

Stay cool but cosy in this fluffed-up biker jacket from Topshop

But back to snuggling. None can beat the feeling of a wool or cashmere jumper. It’s the knowledge that you are indoors, away from the snow, being comforted and hugged by softness that is so appealing. Indulge in knitwear: one can be preppy in a buttoned up cardigan, or cable knit crew neck, or follow the timeless Petit Bateau stripes. Or, in keeping with the latest trends, try some tomboy edge and elegance, such as those found in All Saints. And, let's be honest, it allows us to make beautiful shapes whilst at the same time covering those post- (and pre-) Christmas love handles. Win.

Beautiful cut from Massimo Dutti

The point is, the colder it gets, the more clothes you have to wear, and therefore the more style you get to show off. You can layer as much as you like, until you feel like your duvet is walking with you. Yes, I may be wearing three different scarves at once, but they are my favourite scarves and baby, it’s so very cold outside.

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