Timeless Fashion: the Oxford Vintage Fair

Vintage will never go out of fashion. A long queue of stylish fair goers braved the November rain to visit the Town Hall for the vintage fair that takes place around once a term. For a small entry fee of £2, you can see the baroque walls of the hall transformed into a decadent palace of fur, floral, leather, and vintage jewellery at competitive prices. This wasn't my first time visiting the fair; I went last year where I blagged some Bitching & Junkfood suspender shorts - think Jessie J - for just £15 (they retail at a whopping £85! Bargain.) The hall was totally crammed with customers and pop-up shops vying to vend rockabilly denim or 70s sequins. We took some photos of our favourite picks and chatted to a few sellers.

Keep cosy while making a huge statement in a hooded blue fur jacket

The fair offered a huge variety from old high street picks to genuine 50s dresses, some coming in around £80 with t-shirts and bow ties a student-friendly price-tag of about a tenner. It's worth the £2 fee just to have a look around and go beyond the high street - you might find a timeless investment piece, or just a bit of fun. 

Still obsessed with the 90s? Amazing sports jackets - the picture doesn't do the neon justice. 

There was an abundance of tartan mini skirts at this autumn's fair, sellers obviously cluing up about runway trends and sourcing corresponding pieces, or making DIY-skirts out of old fabric and elastic. They looked a lot better than they sound!

Totally regal red cape that looks kinda like 70s wallpaper. I loved it.
For magpies to all thing shiny, the fair is unmissable. Loads of trinkets, necklaces, broaches and even pocket-watches at low prices. 

I'll take all of them. 
A sure-fire winning termly fashion destination, the Oxford Vintage Fair never fails to offer a huge variety of amazing products - some on trend, some totally unique. Unmissable. 

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